Whether you're selling property in Fairbanks AK, or anywhere else, always remember the little things you might initially forget to take care of. These small adjustments can actually be the difference in a buyer purchasing your home or not.
Read through this simple checklist and make sure you've taken care of the following things before you show your house to any potential buyers. Remember that buyers do notice the details so be sure everything is as clean and polished as possible. When you prepare your house for showing, remember to:

More to consider

When preparing your home for a showing, make sure to listen to suggestions from your realtor. Your realtor will have professional tips on how to make your home the most presentable and marketable. You should remember to take as many personal items out of the house before a showing. The buyer has to be able to see themselves in the home. The buyer could feel as if they're intruding if there are too many personal objects in the home. So, keep things neutral. Decorate in neutral colors and keep things simple so the buyer can imagine the house as their own. For the showing, it's best if you are out of the house. Buyers are generally more comfortable if you're not there. They will also spend more time in the home. If you must be there, be unobtrusive. Make sure to stay unemotional during the negotiation process. Keep a business-like attitude for the whole process.

And remember to always choose a Real Estate agent you trust.